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Commercial recycling is a bit different than recycling plastic bottles and metal cans. Businesses create a distinct type of waste, often made up of cardboard, plastic film and even scrap metal. Though this waste looks dramatically different than your recycling bin at home, many of these items can be recycled.

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No matter what’s in your bin, we know what to do with it. We offer the most cost-effective disposal solutions, transport waste safely, and find new uses for materials, including recycling and converting waste into energy. Here are a few examples of recycling capabilities we can offer your business.

The majority of commercial recycling is made up of discarded cardboard. Cardboard is not only a common material, but it’s also the easiest to recycle for rebates. It can be baled and stored inside or outside until it’s ready for pickup.

Discarded metals are typically thrown into an open top dumpster, picked up by a truck and taken to a scrap yard. Be sure you don’t confuse metal recycling with electronic waste, which needs to be handled separately. Not sure if your metal is recyclable? We’re here to help.

For as long as glass can last, it can be recycled. Aside from better business practices, glass recycling is also often mandated by local governments to support sustainability initiatives. Whether your business is looking to implement a zero waste program or adhere to local recycling requirements, Rubicon can help you design a glass recycling program with greater cost efficiency.

The environmental benefits of recycling paper are never ending. Because paper can be broken down and reused seven times, you help provide materials for more paper goods and manufacturers. It’s not just good for the environment, it’s good for business. Rubicon will take a close look at what types of paper you throw away, and in what volume, to design a paper recycling program that works best for you.

Plastic is used in just about everything, from water bottles to packing peanuts. When the price of the material exceeds to cost to process it, recycling plastic can be profitable. Rubicon keeps an eye on market values and works with local vendors to ensure you’ll get the best return on your discarded plastics.

WHY throw it in the trash when you can RECYCLE?

Depending on your business’s size, location and type of waste, you may be eligible for rebates. Recyclable materials are commodities, so keep an eye on market value for potential revenue.

A recycling program helps ensure your business adheres to regulatory requirements and avoids waste-related fines. We monitor policies across the U.S. to guide recycling program design.

Doing what’s right for your community does more than just give you a warm fuzzy feeling. It also boosts your brand perception among consumers and stakeholders who care deeply about environmental issues.

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