Our cloud-based technology connects customers with our national network of independent haulers—like you.

Gain access to large accounts and volume

Our bidding functionality empowers haulers of all sizes to compete for accounts – even national ones.

Improve your fleet’s per-haul economics

Work more efficiently with our hauler app, which dynamically adjusts routes to accommodate new service requests.

Work with bigger clients and run your business better with our cloud-based platform.
Here's How It Works

Step 1
A customer signs up for service

Companies sign up for Rubicon's waste and recycling service. Our cloud-based bidding network enables haulers to compete for the business.

Step 2
Your fleet wins the business

Rubicon's cloud-based hauler app informs you of your winning bid. The app maps the most efficient hauler route automatically and adjusts to accommodate any new service requests.

Step 3
The hauler app generates pickup confirmation

Once your fleet provides service, our app notifies the customer instantly of the pickup time, weight and volume, and also updates tonnage.

Step 4
Your fleet takes recyclable materials to a processor and trash to the landfill

Rubicon's hauler app tracks your fleet's route automatically via GPS. Once your driver arrives at the processor, the app generates confirmation of the dropoff automatically.

Step 5
The processor sells the recycled materials and credits your customer

The processor prepares the materials your fleet dropped off and sells the finished product to a buyer on Rubicon's cloud-powered recyclables auction site.

Step 6
Your company receives service payment

Our app handles all payments between haulers, customers, processors and buyers electronically.

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