The Smart Cities
Governments are integrating data and technology to drive efficiency and response to citizens demands. And the smartest cities are finding ways to anticipate citizen demands before residents even pick up the phone or send an email to City Hall.
From city planning and infrastructure, to public safety and social programs, the Smart Cities movement is quickly changing the way urban areas are growing, evolving and attracting future investments.
What makes a city SMART ?
City leaders are expected to improve government services, while also ensuring the best use of taxpayer dollars. The Smart Cities movement is all about enhancing processes and improving efficiencies.

The race is on to adapt with speed and scale.

The FUTURE is garbage.
When talking about city improvements, we often hear about school systems, job training programs and infrastructure.

What we don’t often hear about is trash.

Public works departments face an incredible opportunity, and Rubicon can help them harness it. The opportunities are multi-faceted:

By shifting to a data-enabled model, public works departments can achieve greater operational efficiency and gather more intelligence to drive better service.
City leaders can use data to inform budgetary decisions and to best allocate limited resources.
Smart Cities are sustainable cities. Equipped with the right data and analytics, city leaders can improve recycling programs and divert more waste from landfills.
Offices of sustainability and departments of public works have never really functioned in lock step. Rubicon’s technology, and the data it provides, help bring those efforts together and ensure that everyone shares a common goal.
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