Think Outside the Bin
Harness innovation to make your city more functional and sustainable.
Your city’s EYES and EARS
Garbage trucks have the potential to become a fleet of roaming data centers, serving as the eyes and ears of your city.

While traveling through a city, trucks can collect information about neighborhood effects and feed it back to a centralized portal. This centralized system can then inform multiple departments about where service is needed – from identifying potholes, to reporting vacant homes, to testing for air quality or excessive noise pollution.

Retool existing infrastructure
Cities can become "smarter" by integrating data and technology into city-owned assets, rather than investing millions of dollars into new infrastructure and resources.
Rubicon's app-based technology works with existing city trucks and contracted fleets, allowing cities to retool the municipal garbage truck with tomorrow's technological advances.
Improve efficiencies and reduce costs. Here’s how:
Asset-light, technology-based
Rubicon does not take a large upfront investment to implement. Instead, the Rubicon model is powered by uncovering cost savings, diverting materials from landfills where possible, and using data to find inefficiencies on a continuing basis.
Scalable, sustainable solutions
Rubicon can help cities start on a path towards achieving their zero waste goals within months of launching the service. It all starts with credible data.
Actionable insights
Rubicon transforms the data it collects into useful reports and insights, allowing city leaders to turn information into immediate operational improvements.
Optimize existing assets
Deliver more precise pick-up times, optimize driver routes and reduce contamination rates thanks to analytics and insights. More efficient routes also limit wear and tear, lengthening the shelf life of city streets and reduce the need for road and truck repairs. All this is achievable with add-on technology. No new trucks, no new machinery, no new infrastructure.
Enable connectivity
Efforts to improve sustainability, for example, have historically taken place in different parts of city government, often in siloes away from day-to-day city operations. This means that offices never truly function in lock step. Smart technology, and the data that it provides, helps to bring these departments together and ensure that everyone shares a common goal.
Anticipate community needs
Beyond just waste management and sustainability initiatives, imagine if those same old garbage trucks could become the eyes and ears of a city. Equipment that’s existed for generations, that sits in an often-overlooked department, has the potential to become a fleet of roaming data centers. This is a radical shift and could drive meaningful change in city management.
Where are we TODAY?
Rubicon is proud to partner with the City of Atlanta, the City of Santa Fe, and the Consolidated Government of Columbus.

“We have ambitious, clear goals for improving efficiency and increasing recycling rates and effectiveness. This unique partnership with Rubicon will open new opportunities and support our conservation efforts.”
- Mayor Kasim Reed, City of Atlanta

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