Smart(er) Waste Management
SmartCity Technology
Waste & recycling INSIGHTS at your fingertips
The RUBICONSmartCity platform provides comprehensive waste data that enables cities to reduce operating expenses, divert waste from landfills, implement or improve recycling programs, track key metrics, and work towards long-term sustainability goals.
Through our customized web portal, city leaders can access:
Neighborhood-specific analytics
By pinpointing specific neighborhoods that have lagging recycling rates, cities can focus efforts in the most efficient and effective way. These sorts of data points can improve standing in various sustainability and resiliency indices, as well as open up new state and federal grant opportunities.
Data-driven decision making
Rubicon provides route optimization, hauler mileage logging, landfill tonnage recording, landfill diversion rates, recycling contamination rates and much more. We also provide unique insights into everything that we collect, including auto-confirmation of service, vehicle tracking, and route history – which allows us to help cities make better decisions.
Route optimization
Rubicon technology helps public works departments improve driver routes, which reduces wear and tear on the roads and opens up worker time for other tasks.
Real-time data sets
Cities using the RUBICONSmartCity product have access to innumerable real-time data sets, ranging from mileage and transit times to weight ticket information to container management. This data helps city leaders improve efficiencies and optimize their processes.
Seamless implementation with minimal investment
With something as simple to implement as a smartphone app, municipalities can gather more intelligence to provide better service to the community.
RUBICONSmartCity is designed to integrate easily with existing infrastructure. Drivers simply connect a smartphone to their truck and the app takes care of the rest. No new trucks, no new machinery, no new infrastructure.
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