GET UP TO $1,680
to switch & save with Rubicon
Stuck in a commercial waste collection contract? Rubicon will pay the contract termination fee with your current dumpster collection company and put you on the path to reinvesting more money back in your business.
Stuck with your old provider?
We've got your business COVERED
Now you have a choice
Many businesses and organizations don't realize they even have the option to switch their dumpster collection providers, but Rubicon is here to help.
Cash back in your business
Not only will we pay your existing contract termination fees, on average businesses save 20% per year when switching to Rubicon.
Saving is EASY. Here's how it works
Get Started
Provide your basic contact information and we’ll connect you with one of our waste representatives. Start here.
Show & Tell
Send our representative a copy of your current commercial waste bill and we’ll tell you how much you can save. We will give you $25 guaranteed, even if you don't become a customer.
Start Saving
Once you’re happy with Rubicon’s quote, we’ll make the arrangements to switch your current trash collection provider. We take care of the garbage so you don’t have to! Start now.
Get $25 guaranteed just for providing your commercial waste invoice.
Cost Savings
Rid yourself of continual fee increases of landfill-owning trash collection companies. With Rubicon, you get consistent pricing from month to month.
Rubicon’s technology makes commercial dumpster collection more efficient and hassle-free.
Rubicon’s waste experts can also help your business become more sustainable and divert trash away from landfills.
Who is eligible for this offer?
Companies currently using Waste Management, Republic Services, Waste Connections, Allied Waste Services, and Progressive Waste Solutions are eligible.
What if I want to change my current service levels?
No problem! Our waste representative will work with you to provide a customized solution that fits your business’ needs. We right-size your equipment and optimize your frequency to make sure you aren’t paying for unnecessary extra pickups.
Does it matter how much the contract cancellation fees are?
No, Rubicon will take care of all contract cancellation fees if we can save you money.
How many locations is this offer valid for?
Each business decision maker can use this offer for up to 10 locations.
Why do you require a current invoice?
We need a recent invoice in order to accurately calculate how much we need to pay to cancel your current contract. Oftentimes, major providers will tack on unnecessary fees, which we need to take into consideration.

Terms and Conditions will apply.

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